We want to breed healthy Border Collies which are cooperative, easy to handle are able to work all type of flock.

We donít give pups to pet homes!

As mentioned elsewhere, the Border Collie is a working dog that requires the adequate employment.
All of our own breeding dogs are used for daily work at our flock of sheep and sometimes for cattle. Furthermore all out dogs have working test and are started at trials.
The dogs we use for breeding need to be clear in mind, have good characters and  health. Also they need to have natural working abilities. We like dogs who are able to work without commanding the whole time.


Color, coat pattern and beauty are for us as opposed to the current fashion which is less important than being good working dog


The parents of our puppies are examined according to current scientific and medial stand for hereditary diseases. All results can be found at the dogs side. In addition, we only breed with dogs that have a balanced, friendly and perfect characters and are clear in mind.
Our females are not used every year! We donít like to be one of these breeders who just care the money they can make with dogs.

We also donít like to have our pups used for this!


Our puppies are born in the house. During their time with us, they learn both the house as well as know the garden and fields around.

From the beginning, they grow up surrounded by their family and get to know house, men and other animal species. They are imprinted, socialized and raised with great care.

Contact with new people and noises, children and other animals, etc. is part of our standard.

The pups are looked after by an experienced veterinarian; they are regularly treated against worms, vaccinated and supplied with a microchip. At the age of 6-8 weeks, their eyes are checked for hereditary eye diseases. Pups leave our house at the age between 10-12 weeks.


Of course, there's next to the pedigree and the eye exam sheet, a starter kit for each puppy with food which he is used to have over here, a collar, and some other nice little things.

Dogs from our breeding can of course free to take part in the afternoon training and individual training.


From all this you can infer that our puppies mean a lot to us and that we are making an effort to find them a good and responsible new home. We are always very happy to hear about our puppies again and always stand by them with their little and big problems.

You are at any time very welcome at our house to meet us and our dogs. Also we are proud to show you our dogs at work.

We like to meet the future owners of our pups, before and not only on the day they come to take their pup to their new home.


We are always happy to hear from our pupps and you can come back to us their complete live with any problems.