Everything started with Lucy: Border Collies, breeding and sheep
Lucy left us a long time ago and still I miss her every day.
Amber, her daughter, is the first dog I raised. She will be 15 in April and this means that our kenel exists since 15 years.
She will always be very special for me. She has always done everything for me, she has given so much and even more forgiven.
With the help of good dog trainers we were successful: we started from the first trial in class 1 and reached open class.
Meanwhile a lot of my dogs have started on trials:

Finn and Ray have been successful in class 1 and at examinations for farm dogs.

Mae, Darcy and Jona start in open class.

Even the young dogs begin to show their abilities: despite minor difficulties Drake and Tarran made their first experiences on trials.

Moira, Murdock and Twix will start in 2017 for the first time.

Every dog has its strengths and weaknesses. Nevertheless, or maybe because of these characteristics I love each of them and I am glad to have just these dogs.

During the last few years some things have changed. I am very proud of all my puppies.

They are known internationally as good working dogs. Many of our offsprings run on trials, some of them very successfully. For example: Shepherds own Border Collies became Belgian Nursery Champions and Vice Champions. They won South African titles in Nursery and Ppen class. And they qualified for the Continentel ect..
Some of my offsprings are also very successful in sports.
They participated in the EO, in Luxembourgian and Swiss championships and they always achieved good results on lots great international tournaments. I am very proud of them.

At least as important as outstanding performances is the joy my dogs bring to their owners. They are beloved companions in normal live and not only in work and sports

Each of my puppies is raised and socialized with love.
Unfortunately, not everything worked out as it was planned. This is because breeding is not always predictable. Nobody can foresee everything. The most important thing is to be honest, and thatīs what I am. All the results of my puppies` health tests and of the litters, even of my dogs` grandchildren, are published on my homepage.
I always keep the new families of the puppies up to date. They can always contact me and ask for help if there are problems concerning mating or training.


I am proud of each of my puppies! I am so lucky that they have found great new families who love and train them. Thanks to all of you!

Kirstin Piert, Shepherds own Border Collies